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Lately it seems as though Nebraska, or at least its weather, is under a spell; a spell of uncertainty.  I never know if the day will be in the 50s or if I’ll need four layers of clothing to fight off the biting wind.  Oh, and I can’t forget those 50-60 mph wind gusts either; they keep me awake at night, shaking my poor house.  I’m just glad I don’t sleep on the top floor, where the roof might just blow off like in those tornado movies we saw in grade school.

Speaking of, those tornado movies terrified me as a child.  Sure, nearly every little girl wants to sing with all the colors of the wind, and most of us want to visit the Wonderful Land of Oz, but I definitely don’t want to take the wrong road and end up as part of the cast of Twister (and, knowing Nebraska, that’s probably what will happen if these winds get any stronger).  My options are thus: remain indoors all day, venturing out only for class, or literally get blown off the sidewalks.  Not too fun, lately.

Hopefully the weather will warm up, and the number of sunny days increase.  Hopefully my posts will increase as well, because the last two weeks have let you all down.  I’m sorry about that, by the way.  I’m very aware that it’s been over two weeks since my last blog post, and I am deeply apologetic.  I’ll try to do better.

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2 comments on “[Chill]

  1. Grandma G
    January 19, 2014

    I did miss them …and as for the wind we had that to along with blowing snow the woes of winter huh?

    • Publishing Kit
      January 20, 2014

      Sorry about that, Grandma. I’ll try to post more often. It’s difficult to figure out what to post, though.

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